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It involves both science and technology in the research and development of improving water degradation. The R & D team gathered the skills and knowledge of our specialists of this scientific field and taken over ten years of constant testing to develop "WeTube".


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2 WeTube Get 1 WeBottle

  • High grade materials are combined with Nano technology, through the application of cross scientific technology from various sectors like material science, physics,  chemistry, electro-optical, biological science, and medical science, to create a safe, non-toxic, light, durable, heat resistant, elegant product. This product is made in Singapore, though often been imitated but has never been surpassed in technology. 

    • Functions

      • Place the tube on the body, the unique energy can block harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation. It enhances blood circulationawakening cells.
      • Replenish anions within the body, neutralize the harmful "oxygen radicals" to active anti-oxidation.
      • Re-arrange water into small molecules water. It carries oxygen and nutrients into the cells and excrete toxic metabolic waste from the body. 
      • Remove residual chroline and chroline smell from the water. Reduce risk of getting cancer and miscarriage.
      • Increase essential minerals and trace elements, delaying agingenchancing physical vitality. 
      • Turn acidic drinking water into slight alkaline water to enhance PH balance. Acidic body is the source of all diseases. 
  • You may return any online purchase for an exchange if the product is found to be damaged or incorrect product that is being sent to you.

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