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Wellnergie Ion Energy WeBand are developed by using Tourmaline, Negative Ion/Far Infrared Powder, Germanium and Titanium/Bio-silica Gel.

    WeBand - Stylish 1 (Black)

    SKU: S1-BK
    S$159.00 Regular Price
    S$119.00Sale Price
    • Not only is the Honey Comb pattern an upgrade from the Classic series, the Executive series releases a stronger Wellnergie Wave.


      When the anion energy wristband is in contact with the human body, it release Bio-wave which is most beneficial to humans. The penetration range is 15cm in diameter transferred to human body. It is effective in:



      • Activate dormant cells, strengthen blood circulation and eliminate fatigue
      • Calm the body's physiological potential, elevate and improve body immunity and self-healing power
      • Block harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation from electrical appliances / mobile phone
    • You may return any online purchase for an exchange if the product is found to be damaged or incorrect product that is being sent to you.

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